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Alicia is white and black. She has kept all of her black as she has grown. In our experience our white/black Cotons keep their black color...though I have known other breeders with white/black and the black has faded. So far, ours have kept their color.

Amy is tri-color. Her black is fading to grey and her brown has faded to an apricot and she gets lighter by the day. The tri-color Cotons are more likely to fade. In our experience, all of our tri-colors have faded to some extent, some more than others. 

Lola is our more timid sweet little princess. She is also a white/golden cream color like her mother, Sunny.

Lucy started out with a black coat. As she grows, she is turning into a chocolate. That kinda explains the rare chocolates she and Axel produce!


Cody is a golden cream color. 

Axel is tri-color. Some of his black has faded grey, yet most of it has stayed. The brown on his ears has faded to a sandy color. 

Winston is our newest addition. He is black and white. He comes from a long line of Champions. Every male in his pedigree going back at least 5 generations are champions as well as his mother. We can't wait to see the puppies he will sire.


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